I’m Avo Keshishyan, the guy who survived the shift into the “new economy” and in the process discovered – and attempted to meet to the best of his ability! - the needs of his neighborhood. That’s how One Human Community came about. My personal “state of emergency” is over, but the community still needs help.

Dec 192014

During 2014 Christmas Season One Human Community went all out to lessen the burden of local families that struggle financially. This time we held:
FREE Christmas Toys For Girls From Struggling Families In San Fernando Valley, TWICE!
FREE Warm Clothing For Women In Need In San Fernando Valley, TWICE!

One Human Community’s Christmas 2014

One Human Community’s Christmas 2014

Most of the free toys weren’t new but restored by One Human Community’s team. The toys were clean, pretty, in working condition and with plenty of playtime left in them. (We also had a whole bunch of NEW toys to give!) Believe it or not, Santa himself made a brief appearance…. The toys will make many little girls – whose parents have fallen on hard times – happy this Christmas.

Some of the warm clothing made available by One Human Community to San Fernando women – and girls – in need was preowned, but mostly in good condition and clean. (Yes, there was some new warm clothing available too, including sleepwear.)

A LOT of financially struggling families showed up for One Human Community’s Christmas 2014 giveaways! A few remaining items were given directly to homeless mothers with children in tow on San Fernando Valley’s streets and in front of churches.

Avo Keshishyan and One Human Community’s team wish that they could have done more; that they were able to address the causes of poverty directly and provide permanent solutions. Still, we are all glad that even though we couldn’t achieve this goal this year, we have made Christmas 2014 a little brighter – and warmer – for families in need in our community.

Dec 232013

FREE Toys for Christmas 

Well, we’ve done it, TWICE (on  Friday, December 13th 2013 at 11 am and on Friday 12/20/13 at 7 pm)!

FREE Toys For Christmas

FREE Toys For Christmas



The free toys – lovingly restored by Avo Keshishyan, the Founder of One Human Community – were clean, beautiful, in working order and made little girls whose parents have fallen on hard times happy this Christmas.



Many struggling San Fernando Valley’s families came to pick up free toys for Christmas. Even though not everything is well with the world and many still suffer in today’s economy, One Human Community has done its best to ensure that more children in our area will have a visit from Santa this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to the families that visited with us and to every family out there!

Free Christmas Toys

Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men: Merry Christmas from One Human Community!

Last but not least, attention San Fernando Valley Parents, re-visit One Human Community’s Website AFTER the Holidays as well: Avo (the Founder) has more surprises coming!

To our FABULOUS volunteers: please accept Avo’s and Rev. Enrich’ heartfelt thanks! The holiday events went smoothly because of you. (Not to brag, but it seems that our feelings for volunteers were mutual.  That’s the message sent to us by one of them: “Your beautiful hearts will most definitely be appreciated. Hope, cheers and many blessings to your troops this holiday season.. My prayers go out to you all.”)


Many parents – and some children! – came to claim free toys. Avo,  the Founder of One Human Community:

FREE Toys for Christmas

posted a sign…

FREE Toys for Christmas

and a Christmas Bow….

FREE Toys for Christmas

Avo – better known as Pastor Keshishyan – gave Christmas blessing to every family that came to get free toys for Christmas.

FREE Toys for Christmas

Avo and One Human Community wish YOU and YOURS Merry Christmas!

FREE Toys for Christmas

Reverend Enrich helped spread Christmas Spirit

Oct 052013

For most of us a cell phone is the way of connecting with the world. Some of us no longer have landline phones at all. Once a financial hardship strikes and you can no longer afford to pay for your cell phone usage, you’re cut off from the world, even in the event of a life-threatening emergency.
Don’t let it happen to you!

If you can’t afford your cell phone bills, you may qualify to receive a free cell phone and free cell phone service as a part of California Lifeline. Eligibility is income or governmental program-based. So if your income is low or if you’re receiving some type of government assistance you might qualify for a free cell phone and a free cell phone service!

You can apply on one of these Websites:

Here is the latest exciting addition to low cost connectivity: seniors, the disabled and other low income individuals may qualify for a low cost Internet access from AT&T! (Just $10 a month!)

Try this link to learn more:


Oct 042013

Unless you’ve been dealt a raw deal yourself, you likely don’t even know that those affected by the “new” economy, unemployment, low wages, or poor health may need legal help.
We don’t usually make the connection between financial hardship and the law. The reality however is that those who live below or at the poverty line have legal issues they’re not prepared or qualified to handle.
Hiring a lawyer is costly which means that those suffering financial hardship don’t have the means to hire legal help. Does it mean that if you don’t have money, you can’t fight for justice? NO!

Free Legal Help In Los Angeles Area is available! Although not everyone needing legal help will be lucky enough to find a lawyer willing to help them free of charge, there are several options out there that don’t involve money.

The Websites I’m listing below provide FREE legal assistance in several service areas of law. Some of the areas of law addressed are:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Home Ownership
  • Individual Rights
  • Housing & Eviction Defense
  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Government Benefits

What to do with the links and information provided above?

  • Find the type of legal service you need
  • Find out whether you’ll qualify to receive free legal help
  • Once, you find a resource that would help you address your specific problem: apply for help!
  • Expect that you’ll have to be patient
  • Expect that you’ll be doing some of the work yourself

If your efforts are guided by someone with a legal expertise, you’ll have a good chance of prevailing. Do your due diligence and good luck!

Sep 302013

There are resources to help you if you’re unemployed, underemployed, ill, or otherwise financially struggling. (You’ll find them on One Humanity Community’s Website and on many other Websites.)
Anyone who’s ever been in need knows that any help at a time of need can be life-saving. Sometimes the stress of the situation – and then the relief once you found and received help – are so overwhelming that some of us become complacent.
BEWARE: the important things to remember are:
1/ all help resources are temporary
2/ many are intended for emergencies, only
3/ no outside help is – or can ever be – a substitute for your own power or income.

Do not let your guard down; don’t develop false sense of security; don’t relax!
Provided you’re of sound body and mind, look for a job, relentlessly. Bad stuff can happen to good people. Our value isn’t measured by failings but by our ability to recover from a crisis.

If you’re looking for a job in Los Angeles area, the first step – like anywhere else on Earth – is to ask everyone you know if they’ve heard of a job opening or anyone who’s hiring. The second: search for a job and apply day in and day out. Don’t look left or right; don’t get discouraged: you’ll land a job. Your starter job might be better or worse, but it will help you become independent and eventually get where you’ll need to be.

Below, I’m listing a few links that will get your job search started. (If you don’t feel like looking for a job – I know that it’s harder than working and pays nothing! – mark my words: any support you received in your fiscal emergency may be discontinued when you least expect it. If you received some benefits yesterday, start preparing for losing them tomorrow. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps!!!)

The fact that you survived financial emergency once doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get another chance. Time is not only expensive but precious, explore the links below:

On CalJobs you can build a resume, look for a job and automate both: the job search and resume submission. This is the direct link:
If you look at the Quick Menu (on the left) you’ll find the resume builder.

Other places to look for a job:

Check for new job listings twice a day, pursue every opportunity: if you do, you will succeed. Even modest self-sufficiency will restore your self-esteem and propel you to become successful again! You can do it!

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