One Human Community
Oct 272013

Like many other artists, the Founder of One Human Community, Avo Keshishyan creates under a pseudonym. Avo’s artist name is Wolf Kesh. (The imprints you see on the photos are intended to protect his copyright.)

Avo has an impressive body of work. Take a look at just a few of his paintings, they might give you a glimpse of the man and his soul…

Burning Out By Wolf Kesh

Burning Out, Art By Wolf Kesh


Beautiful Predator by Wolf Kesh

Beautiful Predator, Art by Wolf Kesh


The Arrival by Wolf Kesh

The Arrival, Art by Wolf Kesh


Price of Tenderness by Wolf Kesh

Price of Tenderness, Art by Wolf Kesh

Birth by Wolf Kesh

Birth, Art by Wolf Kesh


So Many Women So Little Time by Wolf Kesh

So Many Women So Little Time, Art by Wolf Kesh


I witnessed Avo – One Human Community’s Founder – helping others survive while he and his family were hurting the most. Seeing how selflessly he put the welfare of others above his own, left indelible impression on me. Today, I’m one of his most dedicated supporters. There is every reason to believe that One Human Community will grow into a nationwide movement.