Oct 052013

For most of us a cell phone is the way of connecting with the world. Some of us no longer have landline phones at all. Once a financial hardship strikes and you can no longer afford to pay for your cell phone usage, you’re cut off from the world, even in the event of a […]

Oct 042013

Unless you’ve been dealt a raw deal yourself, you likely don’t even know that those affected by the “new” economy, unemployment, low wages, or poor health may need legal help. We don’t usually make the connection between financial hardship and the law. The reality however is that those who live below or at the poverty […]

Sep 302013

There are resources to help you if you’re unemployed, underemployed, ill, or otherwise financially struggling. (You’ll find them on One Humanity Community’s Website and on many other Websites.) Anyone who’s ever been in need knows that any help at a time of need can be life-saving. Sometimes the stress of the situation – and then […]

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Sep 282013

One Human Community knows that the most common bills people have trouble paying are their phone, water and power and gas bills. All companies that provide these services have special programs for the unemployed and low income individuals and families. Visit their Websites, call or visit their offices to apply. To get you started here’re […]

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Sep 282013

No matter how bad your situation or how modest your home, the place you live in and call home is the center of your world. For those of you who reside in rented apartments; who are unable to pay rent and may be facing eviction, there is hope! Provided you earn some income – that’s […]