Aug 262016

Some people still believe that we’re divided by countries, traditions, politics, religion, etc. The truth is, we are not. We are all human, have only one life to live, we are all powerful as well as vulnerable and have very similar dreams. Everybody wants to be safe, healthy, loved, useful and successful, have family and […]

Nov 102015

Cold weather – and the Holiday Season – is approaching. One Human Community is preparing (cleaning, washing and fixing) used toys and warm clothing which will be given free of charge to needy families in San Fernando Valley. The work is progressing and, as in previous years, there will be quite some stuff to give! […]

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Oct 272013

Like many other artists, the Founder of One Human Community, Avo Keshishyan creates under a pseudonym. Avo’s artist name is Wolf Kesh. (The imprints you see on the photos are intended to protect his copyright.) Avo has an impressive body of work. Take a look at just a few of his paintings, they might give […]

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Oct 062013

Before the “new” economy struck, losing a home to foreclosure signaled the homeowner’s financial irresponsibility. Even today, many see a homeowner facing foreclosure as a deadbeat. In spite of numerous reports on predatory lending, illegal and deceptive practices of mortgage lenders, the public by and large still believes that “good” people don’t lose their families’ […]

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