One Human Community

Donate Unwanted Books


Books For All in SFV

One Human Community runs a program Books For All in SFV which provides FREE books and FREE access to books to support education and reading. We need your unwanted books! All book formats are welcome: printed, audio and downloads on CD.

The primary focus of One Human Community is preventing poverty by supporting children education and inspiring love of reading in underprivileged children in SFV, CA. That’s why books for children and books for teens as well as recent textbooks are our main priority. However fiction books and non-fiction books for readers of any age are needed, too.

Having a wide selection of books for all age groups will help us build larger community for members of all ages. Books help create strong community, support education, inspire, ease isolation and encourage inter-generational dialog.

We also welcome older model (but working) electronic book readers and computers. There are free books available Online: some from the Public Library and some as free downloads from other sources. Books can perform miracles provided they are accessible. One Human Community is doing its best to make books available to all who need them in San Fernando Valley FREE. We’ll sincerely appreciate your donations.

If you’d like to donate your unwanted books, old electronic book readers or old, but still working computers, contact us to schedule a drop-off or pick-up in San Fernando Valley.