One Human Community
Oct 042013

Unless you’ve been dealt a raw deal yourself, you likely don’t even know that those affected by the “new” economy, unemployment, low wages, or poor health may need legal help.
We don’t usually make the connection between financial hardship and the law. The reality however is that those who live below or at the poverty line have legal issues they’re not prepared or qualified to handle.
Hiring a lawyer is costly which means that those suffering financial hardship don’t have the means to hire legal help. Does it mean that if you don’t have money, you can’t fight for justice? NO!

Free Legal Help In Los Angeles Area is available! Although not everyone needing legal help will be lucky enough to find a lawyer willing to help them free of charge, there are several options out there that don’t involve money.

The Websites I’m listing below provide FREE legal assistance in several service areas of law. Some of the areas of law addressed are:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Home Ownership
  • Individual Rights
  • Housing & Eviction Defense
  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Government Benefits

What to do with the links and information provided above?

  • Find the type of legal service you need
  • Find out whether you’ll qualify to receive free legal help
  • Once, you find a resource that would help you address your specific problem: apply for help!
  • Expect that you’ll have to be patient
  • Expect that you’ll be doing some of the work yourself

If your efforts are guided by someone with a legal expertise, you’ll have a good chance of prevailing. Do your due diligence and good luck!


I’m Avo Keshishyan, the guy who survived the shift into the “new economy” and in the process discovered – and attempted to meet to the best of his ability! - the needs of his neighborhood. That’s how One Human Community came about. My personal “state of emergency” is over, but the community still needs help.