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Aug 252013

Apart from the fact that having an autistic child is an emotional experience, it brings also the challenge of finding the appropriate therapy and care. All of these are hard on parents.

I personally met several single parents of autistic children dealing with these challenges and providing care… while unable to pay for food and shelter! A single parent who is the sole full time care provider for an autistic child is often unable to earn a living because the child can’t be left unattended. (I’m not implying that having an autistic child equals financial hardship, but sometimes it does.)

All parents of autistic children – regardless of their financial circumstances –  can benefit of the resources provided on this page.

It is my understanding that there’s a number of therapy and possibly also daycare options as well as after school programs for autistic children available in Greater Los Angeles area, including San Fernando Valley. Some are quite costly, I believe however that in most cases funding is available to parents dealing with financial hardship.

Programs for autistic children from 5-15 of age:
(It is my understanding that most participants qualify for funding through State-supported Regional Centers.)
Find a location here:

Extensive help – including child care! – for children ages 3 to 5:
(The North Los Angeles County Regional Center is located at:
15400 Sherman Way, Suite 170
Van Nuys, CA 91406-4211
(818) 778-1900)

Large spectrum of therapies and programs for autistic children and youth as well as for children with emotional problems and learning disabilities! (Including several locations in San Fernando Valley.)

List of medical centers that provide therapy to autistic patients:
In San Fernando Valley:
Child Development Center – Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care Facilities
Offers a wide range of therapies; including physical, occupational, speech and language.
Age Group: 3-21 years
Location: Simi Valley
Phone: (805) 577-9039
Web Page:

Preschools for autistic children ages 3 to 5; enter your own Zip Code:[postal_code]=91405&distance[search_distance]=10&distance[search_units]=mile
( might be able to help with financing)

Financial help for parents of autistic children:


ADDITIONAL RESOURCES supplied by Kathleen, a high school student and a part volunteer-intern from North Carolina who doesn’t let Asperger’s Syndrome stand in the way to her success. Thank you Kathleen: WAY TO GO!

Autism Speaks Resource Guide

Career Assistance for People with Autism

National Center for Autism Resources & Education

AutismNOW Transition Planning

Aquatic Therapy for Children with Autism



MORE RESOURCES supplied by Angela from North Carolina, who herself is affected by autism. Thank you Angela: sharing resources empowers us all!

Anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Moment I Got My Son with Autism’s Need for Routine

The Well Travel Guide for Parents of Autism Spectrum Children

Nutrition for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism


EXCELLENT NEW RESOURCES provided by Elena and Linda from Much needed and valuable information: Thank you Elena and Linda, One Human Community wishes your group and your Website all the success they so richly deserve!

National Institute of Mental Health

Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

Resources for Military Families

Academic Accommodation Resources

Worry Wise Kids

Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism

Home Modifications for Parents of Special Needs Kids

Moving with Special Needs Kids


Still more smart resources! These were submitted by Caroline from Thank you Caroline!

Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities

8 Steps for Learning Disabled Students Who Want to Go to College

The Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles

34 Great Jobs for People with Disabilities

Travel Tips for Workers with Disabilities

The Disabled Job Seeker’s Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Types of Service Dogs


MORE VALUABLE TIPS! The following two links were contributed by Los Angeles attorney, Jovan A. Johnson, Esq. ( Excellent and helpful information: thank you!

Parental divorce is tough on any child, children with autism are affected even more.
Learn how to help autistic child cope with parents’ divorce:

Even a routine trip to the dentist can be a challenge for autistic children and their parents.
Here’s how to manage the challenge of a visit to a dentist with autistic child:


Sarah – who herself has a special needs’ family member – submitted additional helpful resources. (She also writes a blog for families of children with autism: On behalf of the many families just like yours: thank you Sarah!

Legal Resources for Special Needs

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling

Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive

Teacher Resources for Special Needs

Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs

Home Accommodations for Special Needs

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor

Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home

Financial Planning for Special Needs


Don’t get discouraged: there’s help for your child, support for you and perhaps even a respite and financial relief. Persist and you shall find!

SPECIAL NOTE: to ALL parents and those of you who have an autistic child AND other children, Jennifer MG from the Public Health Library ( recommended a GREAT resource:

Explaining special needs to your child: 15 great children’s books


I’m Avo Keshishyan, the guy who survived the shift into the “new economy” and in the process discovered – and attempted to meet to the best of his ability! - the needs of his neighborhood. That’s how One Human Community came about. My personal “state of emergency” is over, but the community still needs help.