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One Human Community Help Seekers


These are only a few of the stories shared by help seekers with One Human Community’s support group recently:

A mother of two from Bronx, NY contacted One Human Community stating that her monthly income is $346 in food stamps and continued:

“My immediate needs are household items such as toilet paper, soap and towels. I am a mother of two boys; one that is 11 years old and one that is 9 yrs old. My nine year old is battling cancer and we are living in a shelter as of now. It is hard for me to find employment. We also don’t have that much clothing. Any help, we will be forever thankful.”

The requester was sent several packs of toilet tissue; three bars of soap and a set of new towels. In addition, clothing for both boys and the mom was included. The package was accompanied by a warm and caring letter containing a list of resources that could be of further help.

In response she wrote:

“I would like to say thank you very much for the package i was surprised when i recieved it, my boys really apperciated  the t shirts and it means alot  for us to have brand new towels and real toilet tissue, i say real because it is a name brand tissue that is soft and not hard .
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers it really means alot to us.”

One Human Community support group has been contacted by several men who used to be heads of their households and sole providers for their families who are unemployed for several years, with some of them facing foreclosure. They needed help finding jobs and saving their homes…

A young woman from Walterboro, SC with a monthly income of $223 and wrote:

“I am a single mother of 2 small children 2 and 4 year old and I’m homeless and I have no where to go.”

There are men losing their identity as heads of households; there are individuals who don’t know who to be without being productive breadwinners; there are sick people (we know of one cancer fighter and one person fighting Hepatitis) who are on the verge of becoming homeless due to their inability to work combined with the tardiness of social programs. The stories are heartbreaking!

Imagine how much could be done, improved and ultimately changed if those struggling today could draw strength from the expertise and experience of survivors! That’s why your participation is so important: with each new skill set One Human Community support group will be able to provide more help!

PLEASE NOTE: One Human Community wants to encourage those who live far away from San Fernando Valley, CA to reach out for help closer to home. Avo Keshishyan and the support group want to help everyone and are doing their best to meet the need while operating on a shoestring budget that doesn’t cover shipping costs.