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The reality of every grassroots movement is that running it involves costs. No cause can survive without its community’s financial support.

Sponsor One Human Community if you need:

  • LOCAL EVENT PROMOTION (for professionals and business, only)
  • PROMOTION ONLINE (for professionals and business, only)
  • GOOD PUBLICITY (for professionals and business, only)
  • good karma
  • sincere gratitude
  • just recognition (in the form of a formal Recognition Certificate from One Human Community and acknowledgment on One Human Community’s Website)

If a tax-deduction is you number one priority, One Human Community is an informal non-profit organization that issues tax-deductible donation acknowledgments.

We are a community cause that serves, teaches and empowers vulnerable community members. (One Human Community used to help homeowners at risk of losing their homes, the unemployed and others suffering economic hardship, FREE of charge. Today, our main focus is providing educational support and tutoring to underprivileged children.)

One Human Community appreciates Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley business community’s sponsorship. If you can and want to support One Human Community: pitch in and get generous promotion / publicity on our Website. For more information,  contact One Human Community.

Becoming a Sponsor of One Human Community (and having its Certificate of Recognition on your wall…) will:

  • Be an asset in your cause marketing!
  • Make your Los Angeles area business popular with consumers
  • Make your business a hot commodity Online and Off
  • Provide you with a tax-deductible donation acknowledgment
  • Most importantly, it will make you and your business LIKABLE because you care for what matters to our community

If you have no business to promote, can’t use an acknowledgment on One Human Community’s Website or a Recognition Certificate and still want to help