One Human Community

Statement To Beneficiaries Of One Human Community


Need Help? Read It First!

The inception of One Human Community was motivated by the Founder’s personal experience and compassion, NOT charity.

Charity – in our experience – isn’t a blessing. It disempowers the recipients, makes them passive and helpless. (I’m not writing these words for the joy of writing. We encountered our share of “poor” people who have turned poverty in a “career”, they are “professionally” and permanently poor, benefiting from all and any charity available and always “shopping” for more. Many of these people aren’t poor: they have more and better than we or our volunteers! Opportunists are NOT welcome at One Human Community!)

I’d be amiss if I didn’t say here that there are some – VERY FEW!!! – people “sentenced” to permanent poverty by tragic circumstances. (I met a woman who has a severely Autistic child that requires 24/7 care. There is nothing wrong with the woman and she’s capable of earning a living for herself and her child, BUT she’d be forced to chose between being a 24/7 care provider for her child and getting / keeping a job. I’m not King Solomon and I’m not qualified to make choices for others. It seems to me that a situation like hers – there are other just as tragic cases I know of – calls for a regular financial support and not occasional acts of “charity”.)

One Human Community has a lot of compassion for anyone who is eager to help themselves. We have resources that can assist you in solving your problems. Everything is FREE, all you have to do is reach out.

  • If you want to stop being poor
  • If you want your children to have better prospects and better life than yours
  • If you are a teen looking for an identity or direction
  • If you are an adult considering going back to school
  • If you are a senior who finds him or herself suddenly isolated from the world

Contact One Human Community. The saying is “it takes a village to raise a child”. The truth is: it takes a community for an individual to thrive. We are this community.