One Human Community

Support Group for San Fernando Valley Homeowners Unemployed and Struggling


UPDATE: As the originally high demand for a San Fernando Valley’s Struggling Homeowners and Job Seekers support group has subsided, the regular support group’s meetings have been discontinued.
If you’re looking for a job, try our resources
If you’re a struggling homeowner whose home is threatened by foreclosure, contact us. We may not hold support groups’ meetings anymore but we’ll always be there to share our knowledge and experience, should you be at risk of losing your home.

One Human Community provided support for San Fernando Valley Homeowners, Unemployed and Struggling. If you’re in need, One Human Community’s support consisted mainly of moral support; helpful information; workshops and resources. (Food and goods were subject to availability. We can’t – and don’t – provide financial help.)


  • Free support for unemployed homeowners who need information on how to avoid foreclosure
  • Free support for homeowners whose income has shrunk and who need help learning where and how to apply for mortgage modification
  • Free support if you want to learn money management
  • Free support if you’re looking for a job and need help with new ways of job hunting
  • Free support if you’re in dire straights and need information on how to find government’s help and other emergency resources

If you need food or goods, we may – or may not – have what you need, ask anyway. If we have what you need, you’ll get it! If not, we may know where to refer you…

All support available through One Human Community’s support group continues to be FREE in San Fernando Valley, CA.

One Human Community and Avo Keshishyan try to prevent and relieve ACTUAL human suffering. Recipients are required to document their neediness. Frivolous help requests won’t be responded to. One Human Community and Avo Keshishyan are as real and no-nonsense as it gets about building a true support group; opportunists are NOT welcome here.

Some resources may be provided by e-mail. Meetings are held in San Fernando Valley, CA. Once again, if you need support, you won’t be asked to pay.