Dec 192014

During 2014 Christmas Season One Human Community went all out to lessen the burden of local families that struggle financially. This time we held:
FREE Christmas Toys For Girls From Struggling Families In San Fernando Valley, TWICE!
FREE Warm Clothing For Women In Need In San Fernando Valley, TWICE!

One Human Community’s Christmas 2014

One Human Community’s Christmas 2014

Most of the free toys weren’t new but restored by One Human Community’s team. The toys were clean, pretty, in working condition and with plenty of playtime left in them. (We also had a whole bunch of NEW toys to give!) Believe it or not, Santa himself made a brief appearance…. The toys will make many little girls – whose parents have fallen on hard times – happy this Christmas.

Some of the warm clothing made available by One Human Community to San Fernando women – and girls – in need was preowned, but mostly in good condition and clean. (Yes, there was some new warm clothing available too, including sleepwear.)

A LOT of financially struggling families showed up for One Human Community’s Christmas 2014 giveaways! A few remaining items were given directly to homeless mothers with children in tow on San Fernando Valley’s streets and in front of churches.

Avo Keshishyan and One Human Community’s team wish that they could have done more; that they were able to address the causes of poverty directly and provide permanent solutions. Still, we are all glad that even though we couldn’t achieve this goal this year, we have made Christmas 2014 a little brighter – and warmer – for families in need in our community.