Nov 102015

Cold weather – and the Holiday Season – is approaching. One Human Community is preparing (cleaning, washing and fixing) used toys and warm clothing which will be given free of charge to needy families in San Fernando Valley.
The work is progressing and, as in previous years, there will be quite some stuff to give!

Christmas Gift Bags Needed

Help One Human Community make Christmas warm for those in need, again!

Pretty dolls and other toys for young girls are ready. (We still have to install batteries where needed.) Among the clothing (for women and teenage girls) there will be warm tops (sweatshirts and sweaters); a warm robe, warm pajamas, etc… Things are looking good.

We have ONE serious problem: lack of Christmas bags! (Last year, we gave toys in new trash bags, but we learned since that those are insensitive: they evoke traumatic memories in those who passed through the foster care system.) We REALLY want to replace them with Christmas gift bags this year.

If you can give – or buy for us – some medium and a few large Christmas bags, you’d help us solve the problem! (Please remember: One Human Community isn’t a non-profit organization but a community movement so you won’t get a tax-deductible receipt.)

If you have any Christmas bags to give, please contact One Human Community!

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