Dec 132016

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All!

FREE Toys And Warm Clothing For Christmas

One Human Community wishes you and yours
Warm, Safe and Happy Holidays!

Even though in 2016 we invested our efforts into helping organize a bone marrow drive for a cancer patient, as opposed to the usual Christmas toys give away, we still received over a dozen requests for toys, warm clothing and such.

We weren’t planning on it, but the nine families that came to us left with toys, warm sweaters, jackets and blankets. Three families had no way to come so we delivered a little Christmas to them. (One requester was a no show.)

One Human Community came through for the community as usual, no one’s request for help was denied.

PLEASE NOTE: One Human Community’s Christmas give-away in 2017 will consist of children books, only.

Nov 112016

2016 Bone Marrow DriveFor a number of years now One Human Community held free clothing and free toys giveaways before Christmas. This year, Avo and the guys of One Human Community teamed up with the staff of Anything L.A. Magazine and Be The Match® (National Marrow Donor Program®) to save a life. Together, we organized Bone Marrow Drive for Adam Krief.

The cause was important. Did you know that there is a cure for some types of blood cancer? Did you know that the cure – in some cases, not all – is as little as stem cells extracted from a donor’s blood?! We didn’t. (The compatibility test involves a swab of inside cheek: just saliva! The life-saving act involves a little more than a blood donation.)

We were moved to action by the plight of a young man, Los Angeles husband and father of three small children (Adam Krief) who was diagnosed with a rare and terminal type of blood cancer following a persistent… leg pain! His health was declining fast and finding a matching donor was then – an unfortunately, remains – a priority.

2016 Bone Marrow Drive

Test Kits

KTLA covered our 2016 Bone Marrow Drive

KTLA covered our 2016 Bone Marrow Drive

The words “One Human Community” have many meanings. We became involved with Adam’s cause for two reasons:

  1. No one should be allowed to die due to the lack of a substance we all have enough of to spare.
  2. We all believe in environmental preservation today. One of its corner stones is using renewable resources, human blood is a renewable resource.

We are One Human Community caring for and about one another. Pain, illness, hunger or poverty feels exactly the same to anyone. Our mission is to relieve and prevent human suffering. This time, we felt that trying to save one person’s life was of utmost importance. In 2017 our undivided attention will go to books and technology that facilitates learning.

KTLA covered our 2016 Bone Marrow Drive

From the left: Be The Match Representative, KTLA reporter and OHC representative

Aug 262016

Some people still believe that we’re divided by countries, traditions, politics, religion, etc. The truth is, we are not. We are all human, have only one life to live, we are all powerful as well as vulnerable and have very similar dreams. Everybody wants to be safe, healthy, loved, useful and successful, have family and friends. No matter what you’ve heard: we are One Human Community. The awareness that “the other” is only a variation of you changes perspective on life.

Now picture this: a young man (31) in Los Angeles. Graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in communication. Married the girl of his dreams. They are happy together. They have three small children. The future has barely begun.

Adam Krief And Family

Adam Krief And Family in happier times

They have plenty of work to do, earn a living, raise their children, milestones to celebrate, later: parents to take care of, legacy to build… Right? It would be, except that life threw a monkey wrench into their plans.

Young and strong, Adam Krief was diagnosed with an aggressive type of blood cancer just last month. He is deteriorating quickly. His time is limited. His only hope: finding a matching bone marrow donor, QUICKLY. (Adam is currently undergoing chemotherapy: it isn’t a treatment or a cure, but an emergency measure to keep him alive until a matching donor is found.)

Nothing more than a cotton swab! Go to and sign up. They’ll send you a packet with a cotton swab, you just rub it inside your mouth and send back your saliva sample in a prepaid envelope.

Not much more than a specialized blood donation.

I’m not a medical doctor, but to the best of my understanding: there is no pain, no health risk, no surgery. If you’re not a match: you’ll give a drop of your saliva for compatibility testing. If you are a match: you’ll donate blood.

Adam Krief Before His IllnessI don’t know if you’re a match for Adam Krief. Once you register to be a bone marrow donor, you may have the opportunity to save another – just as precious! – life. If you are, you’ll save a life and gain close friends for life.

I started by saying that we are One Human Community. Today Adam’s life is on the line. Tomorrow it may be yours, mine, or someone we love. If it was me, I would LOVE to know that there are people out there who care. Wouldn’t you?

Adam Krief’s situation is serious and URGENT. Let’s get tested! A little less saliva won’t make us any less than we are. A blood donation won’t leave us with a blood shortage: blood gets naturally replenished. The sacrifice involved won’t diminish us in any way. The gift we can give by sharing our own “natural resources” (nothing more some saliva and blood) have the power to save lives!


Thanks To All Who Made Anything L.A. Magazine’s Marrow Drive For Adam Krief A Success!
Learn more about the test and the donation process
The SFV Marrow Drive Is Over, But You Still Can Help!
Support the efforts of Hope 4 Adam!

URGENT!!! If you can’t – or don’t want to – get tested, spread this message: nothing in this post is copyrighted, help yourself and spread the word! Let’s save Adam!

For the record: the video as well as the pictures are properties of Los Angeles CBS News.

Dec 112015

On Friday, December 11th 2015, One Human Community was joined by Naked Juice in its effort to share Christmas spirit with the less fortunate residents of San Fernando Valley.

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

Naked Juice grassroots LA Tour truck

Every year since 2011, One Human Community holds a Christmas giveaway of free toys – and more recently, free warm clothing – before Xmas. There is Christmas mood, Xmas music, sugar canes and candy and most importantly free toys for good girls and boys. (The parents are welcomed to free warm clothing.)

One Human Community 2015 Christmas Free Toys and Free Warm Clothing

One Human Community 2015 Christmas Free Toys and Free Warm Clothing

Current location of One Human Community

Most often, One Human Community holds the Christmas giveaway without outside support and every year the Christmas event is a joyous experience for all who participate. This year, we’ve been honored by the support of Naked Juice and it was a blessing especially when we encountered – for the first time! – a serious problem: there were more boys in need of Christmas gifts than gifts for boys!

We were about to panic when Ryan (Santa’s helper and a part of the Naked Juice grassroots LA Tour) stepped in with the fantastic and healthful Naked Juice’s drinks, cute shoelaces, t-shirts and lip balm! No boy was left empty-handed in spite of the toy shortage: THANK YOU Ryan and thank you Naked Juice!!!

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

Because of the combined efforts of One Human Community and Naked Juice, there are more people in San Fernando Valley this holiday season who are warm; more children whose wish for a gift from Santa came true and more spirits lifted because they experienced the sense of belonging to a community that cares.

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

Seasons change. One Human Community’s commitment to relieving poverty in SFV is unwavering all-year long. Naked Juice’s commitment to environmental sustainability and our health (Naked Juice’s fruit and vegetable juices are sugar and preservatives-FREE!) is steadfast as well. Having teamed up for a good cause of benefit to our community was an experience that enriched us all!

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

Founder of One Human Community Avo Keshishyan and Ryan of the Naked Juice Grassroots LA Tour

One Human Community And Naked Juice Spread Xmas Joy In SFV

Co-Founder of One Human Community Rev. Enrich and Ryan of the Naked Juice Grassroots LA Tour

One Human Community extends its thanks to Naked Juice and the wonderful Ryan PLUS very Special Thanks to Lazelle: Naked Juice is good for the body, you are good for the soul: God Bless you! (It is thanks to you that no one walked away empty-handed from our 2015 Free Toys and Warm Clothing giveaway!)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Peace on Earth!

Nov 152015

UPDATE: All toys and warm clothing have been given away, Merry Christmas! Read more!

Christmas commemorates the birthday of Someone who was born poor. Today, Christmas is about family, warmth and toys. (It was never intended as a show of wealth but compassion.)

FREE Toys And Warm Clothing For Christmas
Christmas is for ALL: no one should be cold and no child should be disappointed by Santa!

This year too, One Human Community will strive to spread a little joy to those in need in San Fernando Valley. There will be free warm clothing for teen girls and women as well as free toys for kids whose families’ are unable to afford any.

NOTE: the toys and the clothing are NOT new; but gently used. With that said, everything is clean, undamaged and ready for new owners.

If you need warm clothing (for women and teen girls, only!) or have a child who expects a toy for Xmas, RSVP for One Human Community’s 2015 FREE Toys And Warm Clothing For Christmas giveaway scheduled for Friday 12/11/15 from 11 am to 1 pm.

Come on down! Few people are poor by choice: WE KNOW THAT!!! Get free warm clothing and toys this December and Merry Christmas to ALL!

UPDATE: All toys and warm clothing have been given away, Merry Christmas! Read more!