Sep 142013

When a true financial crisis strikes most people freeze. The terror of the situation is such that perfectly functional people resign themselves to what seems to be the inevitable and become passive.

Avo, the Founder of One Human Community is in the process of overcoming his hardship but not entirely out of the woods, yet. Still, he is surviving and recovering from a financial disaster, so take this most important advice from him: DON’T GIVE UP AND NEVER, EVER STOP FIGHTING!

Passivity is a condition that kills even the good people. If you don’t take action; if you fail to be diligent and expand necessary effort, you’ll lose. True, some people bounce back from the bottom, but no one told you that these are VERY few people. It’s much more prudent to stop the freefall before you actually hit the ground.

So here’s the financial crisis survival checklist:

  • Don’t give up!
  • Search for help. (Look over the resources listed on One Human Community’s Website and elsewhere Online. If all else fails, contact Avo, he may just know something that will help YOU.)
  • Once you find a way out: DON’T BE LAZY! (Impress anyone you meet on the way with your eagerness to address your problems.)
  • Be proactive.
  • Be patient.
  • Never, ever lose your cool.
  • YOU WILL SURVIVE if you follow this checklist!

In this spirit, get going: help is out there! I hope you’ll find it quickly; stop your freefall; catch your balance and successfully climb back up! IT CAN BE DONE!

Aug 252013

I hope that the concept of One Human Community will eventually spread and inspire others to come together for a common good. But since One Human Community was created in San Fernando Valley, CA as a support group for local community members who’re suffering hardship, most of the resources that I make available here are helpful for L.A. area residents.

(If you live elsewhere: by all means, search Online! The solutions are out there. Unfortunately, those who can’t locate them suffer… Don’t give up; don’t walk away: SEARCH!)

Based on my personal experience, I know beyond any doubt that solutions to most hardship issues are available. I learned the hard way however that information about such resources (let’s be honest: solutions!) is not voluntarily provided even by those who administer them! I have no way of knowing why. Suffice to say, take my word for it because I speak from first hand experience, solutions are out there!

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